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Meet the Insiders: Producers

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New for 2013, Meet the Insiders is an opportunity to participate in vital discussions on the innovations and developments in the world of film across varying topics. Moderators will start by introducing and getting to know the Insider for the first 10 minutes, but the next 20 are an open forum where the audience is able to ask questions, discuss trends, connect with the film community, and gain insight and understanding of the industry from the insiders at the forefront of their respective fields.

Meet the Insiders: Producers gets you up close and personal with two well established producers working today. Moderated by Suzanne Weinert from Flatiron Pictures, join the chance to ask questions and hear first-hand about the process and experience from producers Sarah Green from Brace Cove Productions and TBD.


MODERATOR Suzanne Weinert Pres Flatiron Pictures

Shannon McIntosh Producer When Angels Sing

Sarah Green Brace Cove Productions