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Mentors: Producers / Production 1

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Film production runs the gamut from pre to post. Learn from industry professionals who have experience in the wide range of experiences film production entails.

Mentor session signup is open to all Film, Gold and Platinum badge holders at a first-come, first-served basis. Registrants who signed up online must check-in 30 minutes before your mentor time slot to guarantee your spot. Limited on-site signup is also available for a small number of mentor sessions spots and will begin 30 minutes before the first time slot of each session.

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Andrea Roa Producer DRINKING BUDDIES

Brady Dial Producer Were-Bot Productions

Brian Yang Producer Linsanity

Chris Ohlson 824 Pictures

Gill Holland Pres sonaBLAST! Records

Mark Bristol Writer/Dir for film & video games Static Line Productions

Mark Bristol began his career as a Storyboard Artist. He has worked on over 45 feature films including, “Memento”, “The Thin Red Line”, “Narnia, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe”, and most recently “The Tree of Life”. Bristol's directorial debut feature film, "The Monster Hunter" premiered on Showtime in the spring of 2002 and had a wide release on DVD in 2003.

Since 2005 Bristol has been a writer/ director in the Video Game Industry. He has written and directed in-game cinemas for "Medal of Honor: Rising Sun", Peter Jackson's 'The Lord of the Rings Trilogy", "Cipher Complex", Tony Scott's "Criminal", and he recently completed work as Writer, Cinematic and Art Director on "Doom 4".

Mark is currently the writer/ director on a WW2 FPS titled "Enemy Front."

His feature film screenplay "Empires of Dust" is being produced by Philip Steuer (Narnia films, The Rookie, OZ: the Great and Powerful).

Melissa Robyn Glassman Creative Exec Pressman Film

As Creative Executive at Pressman Film, Melissa oversees all aspects of development on Pressman's slate and contributes to the company's marketing and publicity strategies. Prior to joining the company in February 2010, Melissa was a P.A. to Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order: SVU. She also has a background in journalism as an editor and staff writer for YM magazine. Melissa graduated with honors from NYU in 2000.
Founded in 1969, Pressman Film has produced more than 75 world-class motion pictures and helped launch the careers of many of the most prominent figures in the movie industry. The company’s extensive body of work includes groundbreaking films by directors such as Oliver Stone, Terrence Malick, Sam Raimi, David Byrne, Kathryn Bigelow, Alex Proyas, Brian De Palma, David Mamet, Charles Burnett, Abel Ferrara, Wayne Kramer, Mary Harron, Jason Reitman, and Werner Herzog. Led by true industry veteran, Edward R. Pressman, the company is dedicated to producing quality theatrical motion pictures and will continue its 40-year tradition, forging new territory in both the independent and Hollywood arenas.

Yvonne Boudreaux Art Dir

Yvonne Boudreaux is a production designer, art director and set designer for stop motion animation, television, and live action, who has worked on over 30 films. She has served as art director on MACHETE, THE LEGEND OF HELL'S GATE, and PUNCTURE and production designer on BLACK METAL, GOOD NIGHT, DANCE WITH THE ONE and HARMONY & ME. She was the set designer on LAIKA’s new stop motion animation PARANORMAN. Yvonne received a Masters in Theatrical Design from the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelors of Architecture from Louisiana State University. She has taught design and architecture at University of Louisiana in Lafayette. She is currently working as art director on ABC Family’s THE LYING GAME, reenactments for PBS, and producing a documentary about her family, 61 BULLETS.