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Creating Films for Computers


I describe myself as a web-friendly director. I studied filmmaking and self-taught myself programming. In the last years, I directed traditional films (INNI and MIROIR NOIR), developed web sites and created projects that are in the middle of the two worlds. I want to share with you my experience in doing films that take advantage of the digital platform.


Vincent Morisset Dir AATOAA

Vincent Morisset was born in Montreal. Director, programmer, inventor, he is looking for new ways to tell stories. Since the release of the Funeral album, Vincent has been collaborating with Arcade Fire. The interactive video for Neon Bible is considered by many as the first interactive music video. Vincent also directed their documentary Miroir noir and came up with the Synchronised Artwork for the album “The Suburbs” which change the way we present visuals related to digital albums. Last year, his dance activated video ( won the Libera Awards for best independant music video of the year and his film for computer BLA BLA ( won at SXSW and at the Webby Awards in the art category. Vincent is founder of the studio AATOAA.