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Digital Marketing Law for Filmmakers


Filmmakers are increasingly using digital marketing tools to make their films "sticky". Social media, contests and sweepstakes drive traffic to the filmmakers' sites. Solicitation of user-generated content keep fans interested. Email marketing and blogger advocacy keeps fans coming back. And...tracking the fan activity can help filmmakers entice investors and distributors and/or market their films more efficiently. Clearly, a tremendous upside for a small budget. However, all of this upside comes with potentially high risk for those who don't know how to navigate this highly-regulated area of the law.

In this very practical workshop, filmmakers will learn how to develop legally compliant sweeps and contests, solicit user-generated content with legal immunity, run an e-mail campaign without running afoul of the federal CAN SPAM Act, comply with social media sites' promotional guidelines, and utilize brand advocates without violating the FTC's Endorsement Guidelines.


Anne Moebes Attorney Law Office of Anne Moebes

Anne Moebes is a sole practitioner who provides legal advice in connection with traditional and digital promotions and advertising, including drafting website Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, FTC and state law compliance for sweepstakes and contests (including rules and other documentation), collection of personal information (including drafting of privacy policies) email marketing, green and cause marketing, buzz, stealth and viral marketing, truth-in-advertising, and intellectual property and right of publicity clearance as well as drafting and negotiating complex new media, online and traditional marketing, advertising and consulting agreements. Formerly, Ms. Moebes served as Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, where she managed the film marketing division, advising high-level executives on all of the foregoing types of matters and in addition, closed numerous content deals with high-profile companies, e.g., Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Major League Baseball.