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DIY: How Crowdsourcing Has Saved Independent Film

Today, filmmakers have the unprecedented ability to utilize their greatest resource - their community.

Crowdfunding and community-building platforms like Kickstarter and Seed & Spark are giving filmmakers a unique avenue for engaging directly with their fans and raising the funds necessary to turn their visions into realities. Now, through, filmmakers are able capitalize on the power of their communities to enable local influencers to host crowdsourced theatrical screenings. With the guidance of institutions like Sundance Artists Services, filmmakers are becoming adept at bridging the gap between filmmaking and entrepreneurship, and are using platforms like these to engage audiences to support the funding, creation and distribution of independent films.

Join filmmakers and industry experts as they discuss the various ways in which these and other crowdsourcing tools are being used to effectively facilitate the art of independent filmmaking.



Daniel Parnes currently oversees filmmaker relations and communications for With a background in filmmaking and grassroots political organizing, his focus since helping launch Tugg in 2012 has been on giving filmmakers a better understand of how to utilize Tugg's community-driven platform for theatrical distribution.

Chris Horton #ArtistServices Sundance Institute

I run #ArtistServices, the creative distribution initiative of Sundance Institute.

Emily Best CEO & Founder Seed&Spark

Emily Best founded Seed&Spark to make a contribution to the truly independent community in which she would like to make moving pictures. In 2011, she had the great fortune of producing her first feature with a remarkable group of women. The spirit, the community and the challenges of that project, Like the Water, inspired Seed&Spark. Before producing Like the Water, Emily produced theater, worked as a vision and values strategy consultant for Best Partners, ran restaurants, studied jazz singing at the Taller de Musics, tour guided and cooked in Barcelona, and before that, was a student of Cultural Anthropology and American Studies at Haverford College.

Matt Adams Director We Cause Scenes

Matt Adams has been the key filmmaker behind Improv Everywhere’s videos which have exploded online and have been viewed hundreds of millions of times. His first feature film, "We Cause Scenes" will make its world premier at this years SXSW film festival.