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Beyond a Thousand Words: Accessible Complex Data

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Our world is becoming increasingly intelligent, interconnected, and instrumented, resulting in massive amounts of data being collected. This data is a treasure trove of information that can be mined to improve service, increase sales, or make operations more efficient. Analysis of such large amounts of data, often called analytics, is increasingly desired by governments and businesses alike. Yet getting useful information from such large amounts of data is a daunting task. Analytics often relies on real-time visual renderings that allow users to quickly spot trends and gain insights. These visual renderings tend to be complex charts (bar, line, scatter, or bubble charts, timelines, node diagrams, etc.) or editable node diagrams. Visual charts can be challenging to understand, especially for persons with disabilities. This presentation describes some of the accessibility challenges of charts, large datasets, and node diagrams and some techniques to make them more accessible and usable by people with disabilities.



Brian Cragun IBM Research Human Ability & Accessibility Center Consultant IBM

Brian Cragun is a Senior Accessibility Consultant with IBM’s AbilityLab. He has a broad background in Graphical User Interface development. He is an IBM Master Inventor with over 130 filed and 50 issued patents. His received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Utah State University in 1982 and his Masters in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1986. His interests include Human Computer Interaction, accessibility, speech recognition and synthesis, intelligent agents, intellectual property, virtual worlds, multimedia and records indexing. He and his wife have five children, and his hobbies include genealogy and oil painting as an artist.

Susann Keohane Accessibility Consultant IBM

Susann Keohane is an accessibility technical consultant for IBM Research AbilityLab. Her primary role is to help drive the accessibility standards into IBM corporate policy and provide guidance for IBM development teams to meet current and upcoming accessibility standards. She is an accessibility expert in the areas of software UI, documentation, cloud computing and mobile accessibility. She received a BS in Computer Engineering from University of Florida and earned a MS in Software Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Susann is an IBM master inventor with 110 issued patents.

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