Designing for Accessibility

Mar 12, 2017 | 11:00am – 12:00pm


Jordan Dunn

WillowTree Inc

While we must start from a place of empathy, it takes more for designers to understand and meet the needs of visually impaired users. This talk will demonstrate how even the most empathetic and careful designers often come up short when it comes to designing for the disabled, showing interviews with users ranging from low vision to visually impaired.

Accessibility can give your product a huge competitive advantage and as designers we can work with and our bosses/clients to highlight the cost benefits for designing for accessibility from the start. Designing with accessibility from the start will help to create a connected world where everyone—including blind users—can participate.

Primary Access: Platinum Badge, Interactive Badge
Secondary Access: Film Badge, Music Badge
Format: Solo
Event Type: Sessions
Track: Design
Level: Intermediate