#YoutubeSoBrown: Diversity & Digital Storytelling

Mar 13, 2017 | 11:00am – 12:00pm


Puja Mohindra

Rainbow Productions

Rafael Casal

Black Mushroom

Numa Perrier

Black&Sexy TV

The digital space has democratized the distribution of stories, creating space for underrepresented voices and connecting diverse audiences globally.

This panel explores how the digital space can foster new & diverse stories, as well as explore the challenges, rewards & responsibilities that come with telling these stories. It will investigate:

How do underrepresented voices finance & distribute their stories?

How do we find & connect our audiences?

How do we tell diverse stories with authenticity?

What is the opportunity for social impact & empathy through digital storytelling?

How should we be responsible with diversity?

How can we empower communities through story?

Primary Access: Music Badge, Film Badge, Interactive Badge, Platinum Badge, Artist Wristband
Format: Panel
Event Type: Sessions
Level: Advanced