What the GIF?! How GIFs Help Advance Journalism

Mar 13, 2017 | 9:30am – 10:30am


Steven Davy

PRI's The World

Katherine Griwert

Frontline WGBH

In 2017, the GIF turns 30, but use of the GIF for storytelling in journalism is still in its infancy. Panelists from three public media shows — FRONTLINE, Point Taken and PRI’s The World — demonstrate how GIFs can go beyond cute cat memes to actually advance storytelling in journalism, convey complex information and reach new audiences. They’ll also discuss best practices on how to measure success with your GIFs. Prepare to learn the best use cases for GIFs in your newsroom and walk away with pro-tips to bake GIFs into your storytelling process. All journalists and storytellers welcome. Bonus: Watch our careful tip-toe around the hard G “debate.”

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Format: Panel
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Track: Journalism
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