Creative & Digital for Successful Social Movements

Mar 11, 2017 | 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Creative & Digital for Successful Social Movements


Ever wonder why some social movements gain national or global attention while others fizzle out? Effective social movements (like #BlackLivesMatter and the Ice Bucket Challenge) combine a thoughtful narrative with digital activation to facilitate ongoing, deliberate action. Join author/researcher Derrick Feldmann as he explores what makes social movements fail and what makes them last. With a focus on creative storytelling and the digital elements that ignite effective social movements, you’ll leave this session with an understanding of the creative and digital strategies that are best suited to build social movements, and that draw the awareness needed to motivate people to act.

Primary Access: Music Badge, Film Badge, Interactive Badge, Platinum Badge
Format: Solo
Event Type: Sessions
Level: Intermediate