Cinematic Virtual Reality Meet Up

Mar 14, 2017 | 11:00am – 12:00pm


Mark Sternberg

REVRIE Immersive Works

Virtual reality is still in the midst of its "wild west" phase, making the job of a content creator in this space, to say the least, complicated. This meet up will focus on the issues unique to cinematic VR, or CVR, creators and will have conversations dedicated to the biggest problem areas: 360 rigs/camera comparisons, tips and tricks; spatial audio capture and output formats; stitching software; integrating upcoming toolsets like interactivity, scent and haptics; and monetization in the CVR industry discussion. With a variety of topics covered, every cinematic VR creator at SXSW will have a chance to have their burning CVR questions answered and meet fellow pioneers.

Primary Access: Film Badge, Music Badge, Artist Wristband, Interactive Badge, Platinum Badge
Format: Meet up
Event Type: Sessions
Track: VR/AR
Level: Intermediate