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What’s Your Loadout?

SXSW GEEK Stage - Want something new and fresh in a PC shooter? Want the ability to full customize your arsenal and create your own class? Or do you just want to have fun online, blowing up your friends in fast, team-objective based combat? Your answer is Loadout:  A new free-2-play shooter from Austin-based game developer, Edge of Reality. We’ve taken the best parts of weapon & character customization, online play, comedy & violence, and wrapped it up as a truly unique AAA gaming experience. All for free.

With our unique modular weapon crafting system, players can create over 300 billion different weapon combinations to truly set themselves apart from their opponents.  Our Open Beta begins soon, and we are here to answer your questions. Let’s play!


Ian Villamin Lead Designer Edge of Reality

Mark Nau Creative Director Edge of Reality

Mike Panoff Vice President Edge of Reality

Ty Root Digital Mktg & Brand Mgr Edge of Reality