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SXSW GEEK Stage - FUNimation, the industry leader in North American anime, will highlight some of the amazing titles headed your way in 2013. In addition, there will be a very special announcement for all the gaming fans out there. Don't miss it!


Justin Rojas Sr Mgr of Social Strategy & Dev FUNimation Entertainment

In his current role at FUNimation Entertainment – North America’s leading distributor of anime – Justin Rojas works to strategize promotions for hundreds of titles from Fullmetal Alchemist to Dragon Ball Z. In addition to creating FUNimation’s social presence, he publicly represents the company both online and in person. You may recognize Justin from various FUNimation videos and events, as well as seeing his oddly enlarged head on FUNimation's S.A.V.E. advertising campaign. His role allows him to interact with hundreds of thousands of fans every day as he strives to build strong relationships with both consumers and other companies like Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Capcom, BioWare, Sega, MTV, Microsoft, and Sony.

Justin earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing at the University of Texas at Dallas. When not busy making the anime world a better place through social media, Justin avidly plays a wide array of video games and practices the martial art of Kenju-ryu.