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“Young, black and famous, with a new bitch and some leather. Chuck Taylor’s that look old, but they brand new as this money.”

Bold and unfiltered. His presence is a demeanor only obtained through real experiences. NAKIM, is a man who’s story has branded him and his music with this such aura. Inspired by the likes of Puff Daddy to Johnny Cash, his All-American foresight is more American scheming than it is American dreaming.

Born in the Bronx but raised in the mecca for style & music that is Harlem, NY. It is there where Nakim Williams, 28, would witness as well as be accessory to the money, the women, the fashion, & the drugs that would become the base of his music. Raised by a single mother who battled drug abuse. NAKIM early on took
to the “gettin’ it how you live” outlook, as he became the leading figure in his household for his three younger brothers. He vowed to never let them face the obstacles and go through the struggles that he did.

Having had OGs such as stylists, Mike Bogard & Groovey Lew, who’ve been instrumental in the careers of Notorious B.I.G., MA$E, Chris Brown and others as his big brothers. Designers Dao Yi & Maxwell Osborne of Public School/Black Apple as mentors. And the insight from witnessing the successes and
missteps of some of his peers in the music business. In late 2008, NAKIM would begin recording music with the intent on forging a path of his own. The process would come to halt in 2009 as he got incarcerated. Released from prison a year later, NAKIM went back in the studio armed with the angst and aggression that
only a man robbed of his time could possess. The fall of 2011, would see the release of his debut mixtape titled “FUK EM.” Being NAKIM’s most personal release to date, he bared his sole throughout. As he would touch on his incarceration, his new role as a father, the plights of his family and friends, and him taking part in the music game where the codes and ethics are different from those of the streets he were raised in.

The following summer, NAKIM would release “YNWA+$ [Young
Niggas Wit Attitude & Money]” and begin shedding light on his team and movement, YHC [Young Hot Club]. Whereas “FUK EM” was introspective, aggressive and exclusively just him; excluding “Swervin’ [RMX]” which featured Jadakiss. “YNWA+$” would be the counter to that. As it was boisterous, laid back and collaborative as it featured Smoke DZA, Gunplay, Fat Trel and others.