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Rob Scott


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Truly one of Brooklyn’ s finest, aspiring musicians Rob Scott was born in April of 1990. There is no question that Scott, with his eclectic style of music, is destined for greatness. Not restricting himself to just one genre of music, Scott possesses versatility and a unique and creative sound. His lifelong dream has always been to expose the world to his rare talent, so that listeners can not only enjoy it, but live vicariously through his lyrics.

Growing up Rob was heavily influenced by music. Whether it was his mother’s daily routine of playing tunes around the house, or singing sweet harmonies with his family members, music has always surrounded him. Singing was Scott’s first love, but at the age of 14 Scott was introduced to the rap arena as well. He didn’t begin to polish his lyrical gift until the age of 18, but always had a way with words. Music had become his great escape, the best way he could find to express his emotions and it all began with a pen and a pad. Never limiting himself, Scott has created everything from soulful R&B to up-tempo club bangers. Drawing from legends Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson, Scott strives to be poetic in his music as well as deliver punch lines you can’t forget. Scott is determined to be innovative and not just another artist, but an entertainer whose music means something to people.

Determined to set the standard, Scott is working hard to continuously progress at his craft. Having performed with entrepreneur Will Smith during the 1998 Grammy’s, Scott is more than ready to take the spotlight. Scott has also been recognized for his talents elsewhere. He was the winner of The Dream Big Hustle Hard Showcase. He has done voice over’s for the Nickelodeon shows Dora the Explorer and Little Bear, and made appearances on hit shows such as, As The World Turns and Saturday Night Live.

It all started with a dream that Scott risked everything to pursue, now determined to make his dreams a reality, he is hitting the scene with unstoppable force. Undoubtedly, Rob Scott’s journey has just begun and there is no question that in the blink of an eye, he will be at the top.