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The Bots


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THE BOTS just finished their 2012 European Tour! They also recorded several new tracks in London UK for their much anticipated new album due out this year!

UPON return, THE BOTS will gear up for some exciting local live shows and collaborations! Starting with a welcome home show w/Social Distortion @ The House of Blues, Hollywood, CA followed by a wicked show with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ the Glasshouse, Pomona, CA.

Forging their own path in today’s music industry, brothers and band-mates Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei are producing an infectious strain of rock with a style all their own. Known for their fast-paced driving drums, grinding melodies and radical breakdowns, THE BOTS’ music have been reviewed as ‘Fresh’ and ‘Raw’, their deep appreciation for the truth in their music is always evident. Never over producing and ever exploring a variety different styles and instruments.

THE BOTS have recorded a full length album and two singles: “Self-Titled Album” (2009), “Black and White Lights” (2010) and "Ladies & Gentlemen" (2011), which are available on iTunes! They have put forth numerous videos on YouTube and continue to play an extensive string of live shows over the past years. They also performed at both the Vans Warped Tour ’10 and '11 and Afro-Punk Tour ‘09 and ’10.
Mikaiah (guitar, bass, keys, vocals), was 15 years old and brother Anaiah (drums, percussion, backup vocals), was 12 when their band THE BOTS recorded their first album, “Self-Titled Album” at Paramount Ameraycan Studios in Hollywood, CA in the spring of 2009. It consists of 10 original tracks that the boys co-wrote together and one cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s song, “Art Star”.

By the spring of 2010 they were back at Paramount recording a two-track single, “Black and White Lights” that includes their songs “Notre Monde” and “No One Knows”, almost complete opposites of one another in their pacing, structure and attitude but both delivering insightful and often profound lyrics within their haunting melodies. The boys maintain that the words are very much secondary to the emotions evoked by the music itself.

Two months later in June 2010, THE BOTS linked up with long-time family friend and front man of Bad Brains, H.R., after opening for them on the Afro Punk Tour in Brooklyn, NY. They describe the experience as a definite highlight of their career, while articles and reviews hailed their performance as watching the ‘future of punk’.

In the spring of 2011, they meet up with Agent Orange drummer and producer, Dave Klein, who along with the boys produced their most recent single "Ladies & Gentlemen" which includes the tracks "Northern Lights" and "Vanity". They put out a video for "Northern Lights" and then went on the road for Vans Warped Tour11' where they played Dallas, Houston & San Antonio, TX, Las Cruses NM, Las Vegas NV, Pomona, Ventura & Mountain View CA, Kansas, Indiana, Detroit, Chicago, and Minnesota!

The reviews from the Vans Warped Tour included a write-up in RollingStone:

"One of the day's coolest, most unexpected sets was delivered by THE BOTS - two brothers from Glendale, California, playing tough and melodic punk 'n' blues in the Black Keys mode. "I'm pretty sure their mom is out on tour and watching over them," Against Me!'s Tom Gabel told Rolling Stone backstage, calling the young duo one of his favorite acts on this year's 44-date tour." –RollingStone [ July 5, 2011]

The brothers credit their mother, for her guidance and faith and their father, for his support and inspiration. Their music is the non-manufactured truth! Both old school and current artist has since inspired them including Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LA’s Wasted Youth, Circle Jerks, Blood Orange, The Kills, Micachu & The Shapes, The XX, Yacht, Little Dragon, Gorillaz, Death From Above, A7X, Peter Bjorn & John, White Stripes, Johnny Thunder, Adam Green...