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Roosh Williams


Striving to stand out in an over-diluted genre of music in an already over saturated
industry leaves a lot to be desired and could be described as an uphill battle both ways. For Houston native Roosh Williams, the simple mindset of maintaining true to one’s instincts and constantly having a critical, open mind for the world around him has helped mold Roosh into one of the most witty and enjoyable listens in hip-hop in a long time. Not only is it a fresh perspective, but it’s a fresh approach to life by subtracting the excess and adding the values that help us grow and change with the curves and obstacles life bestows upon us.

By demonstrating exponential growth as a person and as an artist, an increased focus, and genuine maturation, combined with a rapidly growing buzz fueled by his rabid fanbase and intense live performance (w/live drummer), Roosh has put together a project to proudly announce to the world that Roosh Williams is a name here to stay and not be boxed in by trends or the current social climate. The upcoming project features a stellar verse from up and coming Queens Native, Action Bronson, a vintage quality Bubba Sparxx verse, an anthem for Houston with the city's own Doughbeezy, and many more quality tracks that demonstrate his raw skills as an MC being sharpened and quite focused.