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Oh Whitney


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Oh Whitney is a rock band. 'Rock' being, in this case, the indie kind. And alt-country. And some jazz + metal lurking in the drummer, rhumba in the bass player. Guitars more from a zeppelin angle. Songs written mostly from a blues + folk viewpoint. All that = what exactly?

Oh Whitney has called several places home since its first incarnation at Duke University in 2008. After cutting their teeth performing in and around NYC for a couple years, the band recorded its debut album "Oh Whitney" in Queretaro, Mexico with highly acclaimed drummer Rick Shlosser (of Van Morrison, James Taylor, and Etta James, among others) and soon relocated to Fort Worth, TX to begin touring behind the record. In March 2011 the band went on a short hiatus until the group reformed and spent the majority of the last couple years playing and touring around Latin America, mostly Puerto Rico, Brazil, and Mexico. With an arsenal of songs influenced by their travels abroad, Oh Whitney recently entered the studio to record their forthcoming album produced by Donald Fagen (of Steely Dan). The album is set to release by Spring 2013 and by then the peripatetic Oh Whitney will have settled down in their new home base of Austin, TX.