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In the year 2003 Movus was formed in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico by Esteban Testolini, Pablo Crespo, Russel Ruvalcaba, José Luis DOmínguez (Chelis) and Raul Andreu (Rulo), now they are an active band in the world´s underground scene.
With three published music records, various collaborations in films and experience in national and international stages Movus is a solid project.
After publishing their first album “Movus” (3er piso records, 2007), the project quickly gain attention and was consider as one of the top Mexican post rock bands, the record that year was nominated by the “Indie-o Music Awards” for best experimental Album. Soon with the help of the internet worldwide post-rock fans started downloading and making reviews in Europe Asia and North America. Movus shared stages promoting this album with bands such as Explosions in the Sky, Tristeza, Yo la tengo, The Dears, American Analog Set, The stills, and The Whitest Boy Alive.
The song “Midgard II” was license to the international Cinema Festival of Guadalajara as their anthem and they have used it ever since. Also the first track of the album “Eloheim” was used in a documentary made in Spain called Manual de Uso Para Una Nave Especial, 2009, Spain.

“Movus” 3er Piso Records, 2007

Three years gone and a new record was ready. “Maxa Firekeeper” (Arts & Crafts Mexico, 2010) produced by Jimmy LaValle a well-known musician, creator of The Album Leaf and former member of The locust, Sigur rós and Tristeza. With the band having more experience, the guidance of and experience musician/producer, and interesting collaborations makes the album by far the biggest production by Movus. New instrumental elements add a new spectrum of songs as the Magikmagik orchestra (collaborated with artist such as Johnny Greenwood, Sting etc.) recorded in San Francisco string arrangements. The album was mixed by Jay Pellici (Deerhof) in a 1965 neve consol transferred to tape achieving a warm and clear sound of classic rock albums. Promoting this record Movus shared stage with Brocken Social Scene, Múm, Tortoise, and The Album Leaf. We also presented the album in Boston at the Brighton Music Hall and New York at the Le Poisson Rouge.
The song “Daath” appeared in the TV series XY, in this song Movus incorporated vocals for the first time. “Al filo del Origen” was the song of the week in the Music Alliance Pact.
Maxa FireKeeper (Arts & Crafts México 2010)
Nowadays Movus are signed by the independent label Arts & Crafts Mexico our last published record “The Death of Love” is an eclectic E.P. featuring three original songs and two remixes. You can listen The Death of Love at our webpage The first single “Maze” was part of the weekly selection by Starbucks and ITunes and it was given as a gift of purchase nationwide in Mexico.

“The Death of Love” EP (Arts & Crafts México, 2011)

It’s not a rare thing that Movus appear in different kinds of films or visuals that have been screen in different parts of the world. Critics say that Movus`s music goes perfect with moving images not because of their catalog of instrumental songs but by the nature of their songwriting. “Midgard II” is still the anthem of the Cinema Festival of Guadalajara since 4 years ago.

2013 has many personal challenges among these are to continue promoting our latest album, launching a music app of our concert in Ney York at the le Poisson Rouge HD and making a new album as well to find a record label in North America.