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Minerals - five guys whose paths crossed quite unexpectedly. The founder is Andrzej Ratajczyk, who, along with Przemek Buchelt invited singer Filip Pokłosiewicz to join them. Later on joined Łukasz Cirocki and Tomasz Jacak.
In spring of 2012 the band released their debut album „ White Tones „, which gathered many positive reviews in Poland as well as abroad. The album creates atmosphere in the style of new alternative rock music – gentle yet reaching very deep with spacious guitars, strong rhythm section all accompanied by warm and charismatic vocals. The patronage of the album was taken up by the most influential polish radio – Trójka. Three months after the premiere of the album, Minerals played in the biggest polish music festivals – Heineken Open'er and OFF Festival, while „ White Tones „ became available in music stores in Poland, Europe
and USA. The band wanted to play for a greater audience from the start, which is why all songs are written in English. It is also the language which the front man and author of lyrics – Filip feels great in. As he says „ this is the language for my music
„. Durring the recording process, along with Minerals worked Grzegorz Mukanowski – the co-producer and author of mixes. Both sides really appreciate the cooperation and plan to record the next album together as well. „ The debut was just a test, now real work and real adventure begins „ says Łukasz and adds: „ We
are in an excellent shape to create, we work all the time on new material for the new album„.
In 2013 the band plans a tour around international showcase festivals and the release of their second album. They want to keep a similar instrumentation but go further in finding a unique and defined style.
Now, Minerals form Filip Pokłosiewicz on vocals, Łukasz Cirocki and Przemek Buchelt on guitars, Tomasz Jacak on base and Andrzej Ratajczyk on drums.