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Grace London


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"This is a remarkable EP, which isn't just sugary praise for sensitive teen-girl lyrics. London comes from a tradition of music in Austin that's supported Sahara Smith and Sarah Jarosz, and it shows. With a canny turn of words amid simple melodies – Lucinda Williams and Eliza Gilkyson feel like her spiritual godmothers – London's right in line for their brand of attention..." The Austin Chronicle

"Without seeing her photo on the back of Rocketship Girl, you'd never know former Residual Kid Grace London is 12. London's indie-folk tunes bounce from whimsical ("Eloise") to tender ("Eyes"), but her vocal interpretations remain astute throughout. Ex-Glass Eye bassist/producer Brian Beattie gives this five-song set just the right dose of impish tweaking." The Austin Chronicle

"Los Angeles singer-songwriter Grace London is a folkster with a quirky, smoky vocal and a specialty in stompin’, pop-country throw downs. There’s definitely an experimental edge to these tracks that shows an artist willing to go off the limb now and then." 'Operation Every Band' for SXSW.

Grace London is a 13-year-old singer/songwriter, currently living in Santa Monica, CA. She recently released her first EP called Rocketship Girl ( Grace started loving music when she was about one and a half after watching the Wizard of Oz for the first time. She fell in love with it and watched it obsessively until she had memorized all of the songs. (She wore her Dorothy outfit every day in pre-school after that for a year!)

When Grace was seven, she started taking classical guitar lessons, but she really started having fun when she would sing and play songs she liked listening to at the time. Grace started playing shows around Austin at coffee shops and fundraisers and parties at nine, and hasn't stopped since!

Behind all this passion for music, Grace is also driven to use her music to do good! Already throughout her young career, Grace's performances have been dominated by the theme of using her music to help others, support numerous charities, and raised over $35,000 to help fight extreme poverty in Africa. Among others, Grace supported the GLSEN - National Safe Schools Program with her former band Residual Kid when they chose to donate all proceeds of the song "Can't Take Me Away" to the organization. The song, which Grace penned, was featured on the ABC show "20/20" in October of 2011.
In 2010, she used her music to help others when she "donated" her birthday as a chance to hold a charity concert to raise money for a water well in Ethiopia. In 2011, she again took the stage to help those in Ethiopia. This time she was lending her support to A Glimmer of Hope as they raised money for famine relief efforts and to build a new health clinic. Grace's musical campaigns for Glimmer raised more than $25,000.

When I write songs, words spill out that really don't make sense at all," she says, "but when I look at it afterwards, it means something to me."

Grace knows exactly who she is and her music and the way she uses it to help others is a strong reflection of what she values. Now, with her first EP release under her belt, she continues to write more songs and to grow as an artist while making sure that she helps make the world a better place for others in need.

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