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Listen to Cretino

With bittersweet melodies that make their way through chaotic soundscapes emerges Turbina, a band from Mexico City that reinvents itself through the album named
“Leti’ Hum Eek’ – Inda Jani – Mish Masadi”.
This material sounds like a new voice has risen, without forgetting its rock’n’roll essence and their steps left on their way behind. Turbina started on with the single Abre la puerta in 2003 and then placed itself into the audience’s heart with songs like Mira al cielo and Satélite, included in its first album named “Panamérica” (2006).

Now with a much more matured sound, Alejandro Lara and Homero Ortega are bringing out from the studio the project entitled “Leti’ Hum Eek’ – Inda Jani – Mish Masadi”, as an offering to Mexican native languages, conceived in three parts: an EP edited in CD, one in vinyl record and an other one that can be downloaded on-line.
Leti’ Hum Eek’ is “the sound of the comets” (mayan language); Inda Jani is “the born water” (zapotec language); and Mish Masadi es “moon child” (mixe language). As a whole, a triple opus which corresponding title can be chosen from by everyone.

If the occasion allows it, you may watch a show set with visual effects generated and performed live by guest artists. As a whole, they manage to create sensorial atmospheres that bring the audience towards a pure and complete rock’n’roll.
In April 2011, they launched the first chapter with the single Cretino, played on radio stations all over Mexico, followed by the single La noche. Now you can listen to “Todo lo que ves”, a catchy third single on videoclip. This latter was directed by the emergent director Alan de Luca, and produced by Karen Martinez.
With new songs, Turbina turned up in the 2011 Vive Latino Festival, the Marvin magazine’s 10th Anniversary and also in spots that take part into the Mexico City rock tour.
For 2012, Turbina’s major asset in live shows was the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW 2012);

Now with their great experience in rock festivals, Turbina is in search of performing in musical events where they can show their sound within another facet of production this time more related to experimental music.

In the middle of it all, Turbina invites you to listen to a proposal that escapes from the standards of its generation.

Listen to “Leti’ Hum Eek’ – Inda Jani – Mish Masadi”, a triple record that shows the blends between the band’s musical anglophile influence and its Latin-American and Mexican identity.

If you want to know the taste of such a hard-to-pronounce material, we are revealing that it mixes modern sounds close to dubstep, IDM, progressive rock, pop melodies, and traditional musics from Mexico.