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CINE is about a lot of brazilian energy and happiness on the stage. Their songs is are pop, eletro, rock that has been awarded twice by VMB and the last DVD "As Cores" (The Colors) got award in nov'12 by an important entity in Brazil - Premio Jovem Brasileiro. The SXSW will experience the new brazilian wave of music. The Boombox Arcade was the last album launched by Universal Music and now they are releasing a new EP, Verano by Panic! Digital Music. Besides the emotional theme "As Cores" that will be performed in spanish, he audience can expect at least one inedit song in english. The most popular CINE's songs in South America are: "As Cores", "Garota Radical" with more than 9 million youtube views and "Namora Comigo".

CINE is promising to make all person in audience to dance and jump a lot !

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