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Mompox began in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the summer of 2008 with an objective in mind: to create a band of several singer-songwriters in which 50's American pop and 60's psychedelic rock can be mixed together with modern sound experimentation. In the summer of 2009, they began to record their first album in various studios of Buenos Aires (Panda, El Pie, Mandarina) with the participation of over twenty guest musicians. "Mompox & The Big Umbrella" is released in January 2010 independently. The album is an amalgam of multiple sounds and influences and crosses different styles such as psychedelic rock, folk, orchestral pop and rockabilly. During 2010, it was performed live in Buenos Aires and the first edition was sold out in December. That same month, the video clip for the first single, "So mad", directed by Federico Lamas, premiered on Muchmusic and was continuously aired during the summer of 2011.
In May 2011, Mompox entered the mythical ION studio of Buenos Aires with the aim of recording the successor to "The Big Umbrella". The new work is named with a triangular symbol and is released in November through PBK Music. In its second record, the band consolidates its sound with a compact and complex synth-based rock style, with a good dose of psychedelic and danceable pop. Mompox leaves aside the predominantly acoustic format of their first album to explore the world of analog synths and old drum machines, developing the most electric and electronic side of the band. The record includes thirteen songs in which the band continues to develop a style that mixes old and modern styles. An aesthetic that could suggest the unlikely cross between Buddy Holly and Kraftwerk, Gorillaz and Donovan or Roy Orbison and the first New Order.
In its short but intense career, Mompox has played in various venues of Buenos Aires such as Niceto Club, La Trastienda, Ciudad Cultural Konex, Groove, Crobar, Roxy, Margarita Xirgu Theatre, Salón Real and Café Vinilo, among others. They have played with bands like Astro (CHL), Nairobi, Morbo y Mambo, Las Kellies, Les Mentettes, Michael Mike, Cosmo, Mujercitas Terror and Yataians. They performed four gigs in Uruguay in a short tour in December 2011. Last year, they headlined the Buenos Aires Sounds Fest in May with The Ting Tings (U.K.). A few days after, they flew to Mexico invited by Forastero Producciones for a three-week tour and to participate in Marvin Festival 2012, one of the most important music festivals in Mexico, sharing the stage with bands like Atlas Sound (U.S.), Nortec Collective (MX), Crocodiles (U.S.), Silverio (MX) and The Boxer Rebellion (U.K.). In their Mexican tour, Mompox have performed at Caradura, Pata Negra, 246 and Pasagüero in D.F. and in the cities of Toluca, Cholula, Satélite and Guadalajara. After the success of the tour, they were signed by Mexican record label Discos Intolerancia and the release of in Mexico is scheduled for March 2013. Back in Buenos Aires, they headlined Ciudad Emergente Festival in June along with bands such as Bomba Estéreo (COL) and Dorian (ESP). In August, Mompox was the opening act for Australian band Tame Impala in its show at Niceto Club in Buenos Aires.

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