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Daniel Mustard


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Daniel Mustard is a New York City based Singer/Songwriter. His music is a product of unlikely circumstances- for years, Mustard was a homeless street musician busking on the streets of Greenwich Village, battling alcohol addiction

Passers-by began to take note of Mustard's guttural acoustic performances, with cell-phone videos of his original compositions and cover songs surfacing on the Youtube. These low-fi videos, often times of Mustard performing on a mere park bench or cardboard mat, were enough to generate hundreds of thousands of views.

On a cold winter morning in 2009, Mustard was invited onto the Sirius XM Opie and Anthony Show. At the time, Mustard was still living in the park and in the throes of addiction. What was initially intended to be a humorous bit about homeless turned very poignant when Mustard picked up a stray guitar and performed a moving rendition of Radiohead's "Creep".

The DJ's were stunned, and Mustard became a regular guest of the show over the next 2 years. His performances have generated over 10 million views on Youtube and inspired a rabid fanbase and a collective "who is this guy, and why doesn't everyone in the world know him"?

Mustard has released 2 EP's of original material, which have reached #1 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter charts. His most recent effort, "Fragments of Bone EP", directly address his time as a homeless street musician, with raw and visceral acoustic performances.

Mustard currently bounces between homeless shelters in New York City and performs regularly in the area.