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The Linus Pauling Quartet


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Since the mid 90s, The Linus Pauling Quartet has been playing their particular brand of Texas stoner metal/garage psych infused with their obsessions for drugs, beer, sci-fi/fantasy, and the mighty Bongs of Power. Over the years, they've appeared at multiple SXSW and Terrastock festivals, contributed tracks on several psych compilations and singles, and recorded 8 full-length studio albums - the most recent of which, "Bag of Hammers", is perhaps the heaviest thing they have ever released into the wild.

Here is how some others would describe them:

“a core point about the Linus Pauling Quartet isn’t merely that they’re a great psych band, but a great band period, able to embrace a lot of styles and moods and work them well.” 4/5 stars – Ned Raggett, All Music

"one of the top purveyors of the Texas stoner psychedelic style" Free City Media (USA)

"Anthemic, stupid and selflessly unrestrained, the LPQ eventually attain self immolation of sorts during the sprawling chaos."-Ptolemaic Terrascope (UK)

"spaced out metal and ultra heavy psychedelia that will appeal to anyone who likes.... well... spaced out metal and ultra heavy psychedelia. - Aural Innovations (USA)

"...possibly the most enigmatic yet bombastic rock band to emerge out of Texas in the last 10 years." - The Broken Face (Sweden)

"Like Slater says in Dazed and Confused, "You couldn't handle that shit on strong acid, man." On second thought, maybe that's the only way you could." Austin Chronicle (USA)

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