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Branding on the Moon: Marketing in the Middle East

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Landing in The Middle East is the natural progression for brands as they seek to take advantage of this increasingly consumerist society. But this melting pot of cultural contradiction – that just 30 years ago was little more than harsh desert – poses challenges the likes of which brands have never before encountered.
In an industry that is renowned for provocation in the most liberal of markets, how can advertising thrive in a conservative meritocracy whilst pushing the creative envelope? And how is the evolution of digital communications in The Middle East presenting opportunities to circumnavigate these constraints?
In this panel we look to address the challenges faced by brands and agencies in the region and explore the strategies to overcome them. We highlight where and why brands have failed and succeeded and consider what the future holds for the world’s harshest advertising environment. An eye-opener for anyone interested in the nuances of doing business in The Middle East.


Guilherme Rangel Exec Creative Dir Gyro