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Hackers Are Shortcutting the Product Lifecycle

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Hacking household devices and inventing new products is now within the reach of the everyday tinkerer. Arduino, Raspberry Pi and 3D printing are just some of the tech capturing the imagination of a new generation of innovative thinkers, hungry to make the objects in their life smarter.
Generations of Dads have proudly presented contraptions ‘knocked up in the shed’ to revolutionize the daily grind. We have lost the confidence to think like them. The complexity of household goods mean it’s tough to fix stuff so we got used to our homes being full of boxes of magic we learn how to use, not how they work.
A new breed of hacker is emerging with powerful tools and programmable components at their fingertips to creating products. Crowd sourcing startup platforms like Kickstarter are providing the launch route.
We will look at the shortcuts in the product lifecycle and how this changes everything about the way our agency’s clients have to look at NPD and the way that we work with them.


David Caygill Creative Technology Dir iris Digital