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Is Your Digital Ready for the Minority Majority?

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In May 2012 the US Census Bureau reported that for the first time in history minority newborn children outpaced whites, ushering in the new American reality known as "The Minority Majority". For many, the Bureau’s observation was little more than confirmation of a cultural shift building in the US for several decades. Without mistake, the infusion of minority cultures has made a vibrant and certain mark on TV, music, language, food and even names in this country. Yet the digital strategies of countless (otherwise) forward-thinking companies fail to account for this new reality, limiting their ability to genuinely connect with contemporary American consumers. How does your digital strategy compare? Through an inventive analysis of data we will construct the case for a break from traditional “general market” advertising, learn from some unfortunate missteps, and explore opportunities for improved marketing in today’s new America.


Kevin Hartman Head Of Industry Google