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Pickster One

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Phoenix Arizona-based DJ and music producer Pickster One, has been making waves in the Arizona music scene since his arrival in 1998. With his forward-thinking and highly innovative DJ sets, he has put himself into a genre all his own and has developed an incredibly diverse fan base. 

Pickster One, a.k.a. Dusty Hickman is from the small town Prundale, California population 7,000, which is located just outside of Monterey. With limited access to entertainment and music as a child, Pickster recorded music off the television into his boom-box, listening to it over and over again on his headphones, sometimes late into the night while his family slept. A natural-born music selector and collector, Pickster quickly began adapting his musical tastes to the booming Boom Bap style of the hip-hop culture in the late 80’s early 90’s.

As a leader in innovative style, Pickster quickly began to form one of the first ever “turntable bands” entitled Morse Code in the late 1990′s. Made up of 4 DJ’s, the bands concept was to create the individual sounds of a traditional band through scratch composition. Pickster also got the opportunity to play in the eight piece live Hip-Hop band, “Drunken Immortals” for eight years. They wrote, recorded and produced three full length albums, and successfully completed several national tours. 

In 2005, Pickster began touring the United States on a much larger scale, doing fifteen tours as a solo act playing clubs, festivals, and warehouses, and often as the house DJ for touring live acts . Pickster also took his career overseas to Europe four times, where he has played to date in fifteen different countries. 

Pickster continuously is known for reinventing his creative style and hit the electronic music scene like a class five hurricane in early 2006. Playing hundreds of rave events and festivals, Pickster continues to tear up the Phoenix Electro and House dance scenes with his Hip-Hop/Scratch roots to party rock, pop wheelies and often brings something new to keep his fan base strong in the ever-changing electronic dance scene. 

In 2009 Pickster began his latest side-project group, entitled Crusher Sound System. Crusher is a DJ-based outfit which delivers centrally as DJ based turntable beats, mixed with live drumming, keys, samplers, and drum machines while keeping it fresh with live canvas painting on stage. 

Lately Pickster One has been dropping science on dance floors across the country in the latest taste of electronic music better known as Moombahton, which was born just last year in L.A.  Since his first moment of exposure in 2010 with DJ Melo, this multi-talented DJ/Producer has been literally been obsessed.  Creating all types of Moombahton including Moomba-soul and Moomba-core, Pickster has created a plethora of noteworthy and banger original tracks and remix's.  His tracks have been featured on a variety of compilations including; Munchi's Verano De Moombahton, DJ Sabo's Sol Selectas Moombahton Massive V EP, David Heartbreak's M6 EP and Moombahsoul VOL's 1 & 3 to name a few.

In May of 2011, Pickster and Moombahton original DJ Melo dropped the widely praised EP entitled "Arizonaton" which featured Dave Nada as a special guest at one of the first Moombahton weekly parties ever in the US.  Since its drop, Arizonaton has earned head nods across the globe, and Pickster's Soundcloud now has over 30k plays the last four months.  This musical hustler just a few weeks later crafted his own "AZ Gunslingaz" Compilation with El Cuco Recordings which featured Arizonaton's top Moombahton Producers of 2011. 

Today Pickster has been seen rocking the wild Mad Decent "Blow Your Head" release party in Los Angeles, the Moombahton Massive Washington DC party, and the Moombahton Massive Las Vegas event.  His songs can be heard gracing the ears of attendees at the world renowned Los Angeles "Do Over" which features stellar line ups always and of course in the who's who of Moombahton DJ sets. Just in this past year, Pickster has recieved support from all the heavy hitting Moombahtonistas including Nadastrom, Munchi, Dillon Francis, David Heartbreak, Tittsworth, Sazon Booya and More. 

A musical revolutionary beyond his years, he continues to rock the clubs in his hometown and never misses a chance to lead others into new sounds and musical genres with his kaleidoscopic range of taste and innovation. With his eye on the future, Pickster One is hitting the clubs, raves and music festivals across the globe.  To him the scene one that is never-ending with possibility, mold-ability, opportunity and the chance to influence listeners and creators alike as he forges new sound and is forever re-inventing the wheel.  

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