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The Spinto Band

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Just like the next season of Mad Men, some things need a bit of time to stew. Such is the case for the upcoming album from The Spinto Band, titled Shy Pursuit. Forged in their Delaware studio, the latest release from the band promises to be their most exciting and inventive set of recordings to date. Since 2006, The Spinto Band have been providing fans with their own unique style of pop music that has been compared to everything from The Strokes to Sparks. Now, as we prepare to breathe the air of 2012, the band's third worldwide release comes to our ears.

Besides recording an album, the band has kept busy. Since the release of their 2008 LP, Moonwink, they have been spending their time building a studio, creating a record label, and dabbling in film-soundtracks. Firstly, the studio was needed to store their collection of musical instruments/junk that had outgrown parent's basements and friend's practice spaces. The band found an abandoned chicken coop and decided to invest in renovations for their own space to record Shy Pursuit. While in the space, the boys have recorded their own LP, as well as film scores for The Beast Pageant and Biba Democracy. They have also helped produce songs, albums, podcasts and video game tournaments, all of which have helped bubble a bit of a fun artistic community around the Delaware studio.

To add to the community, the band has been working on starting their own record label, Spintonic Recordings. The label is a natural step forward for a band that had self-released a dozen albums before the time they all graduated from high school. The first release on the label will be the soundtrack for Biba Democracy, closely followed by Shy Pursuit and then the flurry of tour dates that will go alongside the music.

So, while you contemplate what possible scenarios Don Draper and Peggy Olson will land in this season, also think of what crazy scenarios The Spinto Band might get themselves in as they sit in their board room, drink scotch, and tell dirty jokes.

The Spinto Band is: Nick Krill (vocals, guitar), Thomas Hughes (vocals, bass), Jeff Hobson (drums), Sam Hughes (keyboards, vocals), Joe Hobson (guiar, vocals)

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