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76 Rules for Outperforming the Competition



Dr Keith Bell President American Swimming Association LLC

I am a performance consultant helping athletes, companies, coaches, and teams to perform better, to win, and to enjoy the process. As a sports psychologist, I worked with more than 15,000 athletes and 500 teams in just about every sport. I've worked with U.S., Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Cayman Island, and Fiji National, World Cup, and Olympic Teams as well as with musicians, dancers, Fortune 500 companies and even professional poker players.

In talking about my book, 76 Rules for Outperforming the Competition: A Philosophy for Excellence, I'll teach you how to exhibit a Positive Attitude and how to do Confidence. I'll identify a couple of universal truths. And, I'll introduce some different perspectives on topics such as Commitment and why I strive to wash the dishes better than anyone else has ever before washed dishes.

A former Collegiate All American swimmer, United States Masters Swimming Coach of the Year, and University of Texas Head Swimming Coach, I am presently the founder, owner, and President of the American Swimming Association.LLC. In my presentation, I'm certain to use some examples from the world of competitive swimming, in which performances are constantly and accurately measured in preparation and in which performance is measured in hundredths of seconds, clearly identifying the winner of competitions.

I've written 10 other books on sports psychology and human performance psychology including, "Winning Isn't Normal," "Coaching Excellence," and "The Swim to Win Playbook" (a comprehensive workbook used in businesses as well as sports.)

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