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Maintaining Sanity and Profitability in Adult

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From modeling to producing and website building to marketing, there are many many ways to make money in adult entertainment... and many many ways to lose your mind. Whether pursuing the industry as a hobby for some extra pocket money on up to dedicating your life to its powerful forces, trappings, and high risk / high reward opportunities, this panel of experts will provide you with a survival guide to keep your bank account, and sanity, in check.


Connor Young CEO DHMG LLC

Connor is a lifelong technology enthusiast who started building for-profit websites in 1997. He began his Internet career working as an affiliate webmaster, then spent five years working as an online journalist and blogger covering technology and political topics of interest to adult website operators. Connor's valuable insight into the adult Internet industry comes from more that fifteen years experience working with adult firms, including a stint as a Director for the Free Speech Coalition, the adult industry's trade group. More recently he has branched out to explore opportunities in online dating, and also launched his own consulting firm together with his longtime business associate.

Connor is CEO and co-founder of Delta House Marketing Group, a consulting firm with headquarters in Austin, TX. Delta House Marketing Group was formed to offer marketing assistance and project management services to small businesses.

Connor is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento, where he earned a BA in English. He served as an expert witness in the ACLU's successful legal challenge to the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), and he is a frequent speaker at conferences and trade shows.

Jay Kopita VP

Jay Kopita is a twelve year adult industry veteran currently serving as Vice President of webmaster resource site as well as co-founder and President of Delta House Marketing Group. In addition, Jay also consults for a plethora of clients including attorneys, service providers, webmasters, and several bricks and mortar companies. In his spare time Jay enjoys building massive lego structures with his son, golf, traveling and building up his IMDB credits.

Lynn Raridon Owner Forbidden Fruit

Terri Lynn Raridon aka Lynn earned her BFA in dance from the University of Texas in 1983. Lynn is the owner and operator of iconic and award winning local business Forbidden Fruit, Austin's Original Erotic Boutique. Since 1981, Forbidden Fruit has been a pioneer in expanding the boundaries of adult oriented, intimacy enhancing products and their acceptance in the wider marketplace/society, and doing it all under the cloud of Texas's archaic obscenity laws. Lynn began working at Forbidden Fruit in 1982 and purchased the company in 1987. Under her direction, the store has flourished into a community resource, offering educational outreach and workshops since 1995 in addition to information about/access to the latest adult products. Currently, Lynn directs most of her talents to adult oriented event production and serves as Director and Producer of the Texas Burlesquefest ( 2008-present) Extravagasm Fantasy Ball ( 2002-present) and Co-producer and Talent coordinator for The Austin Zombie Ball (2011). Lynn has been a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for the State of Texas and a Director of local non-profit, Bill Hicks Foundation for Wildlife since 1998. Lynn is also an adjunct faculty member at Austin Community College for 23 years and a blissfully married mother of one.

Sid Grief Owner AAA News Inc

Sid Grief’s experience includes over 38 years of adult retailing including adult bookstores, video rental stores, large newsstands, video conferencing sites, internet websites, internet content sales and internet fulfillment operations. Currently, Sid is the President of AAA News Inc, the last independent newsstand chain in Central Texas selling both non-adult and adult media to the public.

Sid was one of the original founders of First Amendment Coalition of Texas which raised over $1 million for lobbying for First Amendment rights in Texas. Sid is currently the President of the Free Speech Coalition, the trade association of the adult entertainment industry.

Sid’s education includes BBA with Highest Honors, majors in Marketing and International Business with an emphasis on marketing high technology products and a BA with High Honors, major in Asian Studies with Japanese language from UT.

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