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Bam!: When Every Device Is Cloud-Connected

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Imagine a world where cloud connectivity is a non-issue. A world where going online in an airport or a cab is as easy as powering on your laptop. Think back to the day when radio ruled the world. The day you got that shiny new boom box, pulled it out of the box and flicked the switch. Bam! – There on the radio was your favorite song. There was no separate bill or complicated set-up process to get there.

Why can’t the connecting to the cloud be that easy? Soon, it will be. The Amazon Kindle 3G is a prime example of where we’re headed with always-on connectivity, and while the concept of hot-out-of-the-box devices that automatically connect to the cloud is nothing new, we are closer than ever to seeing this become more widespread.

This solo presentation from Macheen will discuss how the instantly connected device – be it a PC, tablet, media player, etc. – will set in motion the next phase of the Internet. Macheen will discuss how device makers can break through low margins on selling hardware and give consumers what they really want – devices that are instantly connected…it will be just like old times.



Richard Schwartz CEO Macheen

Richard Schwartz has repeatedly created and led new organizations to innovate and develop software that has had significant market impact. Prior to founding Macheen, Schwartz was senior vice president of strategy and technology for Openwave, responsible for strategic direction and mergers/acquisitions. He joined Openwave when it acquired his former company, SoloMio, where he was CEO. Prior to founding SoloMio, he was senior vice president of technology at Vignette Corporation.

He joined Vignette in June 1999 when it acquired Diffusion, which he founded and led as CEO. Prior to Diffusion, he was chief technology officer and senior vice president of technology for Borland International during the period of revenue growth from $30M to $650M. At Borland, Schwartz was responsible for overall product and technology strategy.

Schwartz holds a PhD in Computer Science from UCLA. After completing his PhD, he was a visiting professor in Applied Mathematics at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, and then served as senior computer scientist at Stanford Research Institute (SRI International) prior to founding his first company. He has been board member and investor in several companies and high-technology incubators. He holds a number of patents and is the author of numerous publications.

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