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Why Women Fail to Rule the Social Networks

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Too bland, too bored, too busy? Why women fail to rule social networks.

Women see themselves as "social" by nature, they claim to have better communication skills than men do - and mostly they are right. They even hold the majority in all big social networks except LinkedIn. But when it comes to using Social Media for marketing themselves, they fail. While men boast proudly about their achievements in status updates women write birthday wishes to others and ask for private advice. What's the reason behind that phenomenon? Answers from statistics, psychologists, marketers, gender experts and the users themselves.


Tanja Gabler Exec Editor

Trained as a political journalist at the Münchner Merkur in Germany, Tanja left the print media in the year 2000 for Focus Digital. Two years later she changed into the search marketing business and worked for Overture and Yahoo. Since 2008 she has been executive editor for, the news portal of the INTERNET WORLD Business in Munich.

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