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The Dark Art of Digital Music Recommendations

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People have always been the primary vehicle by which music spread around the world – from the days of the wandering minstrels to the heyday of radio DJs and then on to tight-knit circles of fans rallying together around photocopied ‘zines. Fast forward to today digital’s world and social networks as well as social music services such as have dramatically changed the way people share music. Recommendations technology guru Michael Papish will dive into the different approaches to deploying recommendations—from tools to match our mood to the personal touch of editorial, the impact that the interplay of computer-generated recommendations within social networks will have, and the importance of tagging/curating data as part of the recommendation process. Michael will also tackle the million-dollar questions for music recommendations: Are we making good recommendations? How do we make them better? Do we possess tools to evaluate success or do recommendations remain a Dark Art?


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