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My Financial Advisor Is an Algorithm

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The panel will explore the role of digital in selling complex services and products - using financial advisory as an example. For years, financial institutions have sought ways to make true financial advice available online. But did they find a way to satisfy their more independent customers? We will talk about the ways in which digital technology is transforming the way we market (and receive) financial advisory services. Take a peek at projects from our research labs. One features a room designed in a joint effort with the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, Germany: It provides a digitally enhanced advisor-client conversation, using a multitouch table and a screen wall. The other is seeking to grant investors more control in a more integrated process by creating a platform for both, advisors and investors. We will investigate whether digital technologies will – one day – create the category killer for personal financial advising or take it to the next level.



Gib Veconi CEO Peridrome Corporation

Gib Veconi is President of Peridrome Corporation. He is the former Director of Separately Managed Accounts Technology for Lord Abbett & Co., and is a prior chair of the Money Management Institute’s Operations and Communications Standards Committee. Before joining Lord Abbett, Mr. Veconi was Managing Director and Chief Information Officer for Wall Street Access, a retail and agency institutional broker-dealer, and leading online broker.

Stefan von den Driesch Managing Partner mediaman GmbH

Co-founder of mediaman, a digital agency located in Germany, China, USA, and Argentina. Stefan is copywriter, karateka (JKA) and board member of Deutscher Werkbund. He studied Political Sciences, History and Journalism. Lives in Mainz/Germany, Great Wine Capital and city of Johannes Gutenberg.

Sylke Laine Dir of User Experience Mediaman

Sylke is Director of User Experience at mediaman // expect more from digital. Throughout her agency career she has worked for many clients in the financial industry, including Deutsche Bank, Pioneer Investments and DWS Investments.

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