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Social Networking: Giving Cancer Patients a Voice

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Their Story Is Our Story (TSOS) is inspired by witnessing my dad’s fight against cancer. Sharing our experiences helps keep his memory alive, and hopefully, provides comfort and support to those in similar situations. Each cancer journey is unique and deserves to be told. Their stories are our stories.
My project aims to support those affected by this horrible disease. They can connect with others in similar situations through a website where they will be able to share their cancer stories and their loved ones’ story while giving and receiving support. Think of it as a “Cancer Facebook.” A TSOS Profile allows cancer patients and their loved ones to share status updates, pose questions and post inspirational quotes. Individuals can further their relationships and stories by creating groups and forums. Getting involved with TSOS online is simple and quick.
In addition to an online and print presence, TSOS’s goal is to become a pillar in the community by holding cancer awareness events and providing college scholarships.
TSOS will host community events such as cancer walks, concerts and sports competition fundraisers. These ideas would raise cancer awareness in the community and bring the community together for the cause.
My dad will always be an inspiration to me. Through TSOS I can continue his story and maintain the connection that I’ve had with him. His story will live on and as TSOS grows we will all contribute to a story that will all be ours.


Brandon Lee Founder Their Story Is Our Story

Hi all! My name is Brandon Lee and I'm a 24 year old from New Jersey. I love getting involved in to all sorts of things. Currently, I'm starting a non-profit cancer organization called Their Story Is Our Story. It's essentially "cancer facebook." Their Story Is Our Story is something I started after my dad passed away from Kidney Cancer five years ago. My main goal is to support those affected by cancer and change the way society views cancer. When it comes to media projects, I want to do everything! I love writing, designing, coding and marketing! I graduated from The College of New Jersey with a double major in Journalism and Interactive Multimedia (concentration digital media) and a minor in graphic design. When I'm not working I love playing the drums, practicing Tae Kwon Do (1st Degree Black Belt), cooking, and playing all kinds of sports. I enjoy learning and will always be looking to help others!

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