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Mentor Session: John Baird

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John Baird Teacher Waltrip High School

John Baird is the founder and lead instructor of the Create a Comic Project, an award-winning youth language activity that uses interactive sequential art to engage kids in reading and writing. The project has been recognized by the University of Pittsburgh, the Association of Schools of Public Health, and the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven for its outstanding contributions to community learning.

John's earliest experiences teaching were in elementary school reading to younger students and tutoring those struggling in math. He continued to participate in tutoring programs well into his college years, earning an award from AmeriCorps for his service. While working as an English teacher overseas in Taiwan, he began using interactive comics to promote creative language skills among his ESL students - the Create a Comic Project.

John brought the project stateside in 2006 and has worked with libraries, community centers, and schools in a variety of locations serving diverse populations. He expanded the project beyond a creative writing exercise to include activities in public health, science, and math. He has given presentations at a number of conferences, including the Society for Public Health Education, Pop Culture Association, and Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching.

John received his B.S. in Biology from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, his M.S. in Biostatistics from Yale University, and his M.A. in Math Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. He currently works as a teacher in Texas.

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