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Mixed-Reality Gaming: Evolution in Entertainment

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The rise of smartphones, tablets and social gaming has led to an explosion of mobile gamers. Just as Angry Birds and Farmville took mainstream gaming away from the console, the rise of mixed and augmented reality – where virtual worlds interact with physical objects – is already forming the next epoch of play. As an emerging area of gaming, mixed reality finds a new load of challenges for both the creators and the user as a consumer. Falling within a spectrum between the real world and digital world, mixed reality is an undiscovered spot that will quickly find its way on the rise.


Paul Berberian CEO Orbotix

Paul is the CEO of Orbotix and joined the company after serving as Ian and Adam's (Co-founders of Orbotix) lead mentor in the Techstars program. Paul has been involved in six other technology startups where he was CEO and/or founder.

My talk on mixed-reality gaming is Monday, March 12th at 12:30 PM. See here for more information.

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