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Online Sports and the Internet's Meaning Machine

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Ron Prince went from being a disgraced former Kansas State head football coach to being the internet's first job candidate for everything from coaching vacancies to the Presidency of Libya. How did this happen? Via the chaotic and boundlessly enthusiastic meme-building of the sporting internet, the ever-expanding space that has surpassed ESPN as the primary destination for sports fans who want something more than a box score and canned television commentary to feed their bottomless appetite. Spencer Hall of and will outline the basic growth of the online sports community from its origins in message board and single author blogs to its current configuration of content farms, networks, independent sites, and Twitter feeds. The discussion will trace the current trajectories of online sports communities, follow the money to see what's attracting investors' dollars, and make a few guesses about where it's all headed. There will also be at least one hundred photoshopped pictures of athletes doing silly things, so if the rest disappoints you the pictures definitely will not.


Spencer Hall Editor At Large SB Nation

Spencer Hall is an Editor-at-Large for SB and the editor and creator of, the college football blog leader in pressing the envelope of what could legitimately be called "content." He has written for Fanhouse,, and sometimes yells at people on panels for no reason. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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