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wallFour presents Renga, their ground breaking feature-length show controlled entirely by the audience. With its complex gameplay and 90-minute running time, Renga delivers a compelling dramatic arc with sufficient scale to rival a feature film. It is the first viable example of a standalone interactive show capable of running in commercial movie theatres.

Using laser pointers to interact directly with the cinema screen, 100 players work together towards collective victory. Renga combines strategic conquest elements from video games such as Civilisation with action phases inspired by old-school arcade classics such as Defender. Arrive as an audience, leave as a team!


Director(s): Adam Russell, John Sear

Producer(s): John Sear, Adam Russell

Music: Kevin MacLeod

Director Bio


British design duo Adam Russell and John Sear formed wallFour in 2011 with a mission to create playful experiences for live crowds. Both previously worked in the triple-A games industry on multi-million dollar projects, and now independently produce their own technology and content. Renga is their largest work to date.


Public Film Contact

Adam Russell
wallFour Ltd
+44 (0)7977 236150


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