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Times Are a'Changin: Digital Storytelling Today

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The greatest filmmakers of the 20th Century long maintained that there was nothing comparable to watching an epic story told on a screen that enveloped our frame of vision..but they didn’t have smartphones, tablets or PC's.

As our consumption habits have adopted the same frenetic pace of our lives, a new breed of storyteller has emerged to match those habits. They don’t exist only in Hollywood--or in Austin, they exist in every corner of every town. Their stories are framed on an iPhone screen, through the viewfinder of a DSLR or on tablets. Content creators and distributors now have a duty to combine a story that might be viewed on any manner of screens.

This panel will tackle the role of digital storytellers in this new digital age—from the everyday individual with a web cam, to the biggest stars in Hollywood, to the brands that are underwriting much of this new wave of content. We’ll also examine how major media companies are participating in this brave new world.



MODERATOR Erin McPherson VP, Head of Orignals/Video Yahoo!

Erin McPherson is the VP and Head of Video at Yahoo! overseeing development, production, and content partnerships for licensed and original video programming.

Mike Rosenstein Dir of Digital Red Hour Films

Larry Tanz CEO Vuguru LLC

Larry Tanz is a senior executive with over 15 years experience in media, entertainment and technology, and with a decade of running startups, he is now President of Vuguru LLC, a studio founded by Michael Eisner that develops and finances story driven content for digital platforms.

Jordan Levin CEO Generate

CEO of Generate, a forward-leaning media company specializing in youth and family audiences, Jordan has been instrumental in launching numerous entertainment franchises that have left a lasting impact on popular culture through his role as a network television executive, producer, director and new media entrepreneur.

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