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Next Gen Content: A Conversation w/ Maker Studios

Maker Studios is a media company that lives right at the intersection between the online video and entertainment spheres, developing and programming content across more than 200 channels. They have built an audience on YouTube with over 31 million subscribers and 500 million monthly views. Maker is dedicated to cultivating new talent, taking existing talent to the next level and building lasting brands with engaged audiences. Join the CEO, COO and co-founders of Maker Studios as they discuss the studio’s history, strategic growth, talent and their thoughts on the future of online video content.



Ben Donovan Co-Founder/Pres Maker Studios

Ben Donovan is an early YouTube adopter and co-founder of @MakerStudios who works to develop and execute Maker Studios overall business strategy.

Danny Zappin Co-Founder/CEO Maker Studios

Danny Zappin is a leading expert on YouTube and CEO & Co-founder of next-generation media @MakerStudios, the future of the entertainment industry.

Lisa Donovan Co-Founder/Talent Maker Studios

Lisa is one of the co-founders of Maker Studios where she plays an integral part in expanding the business and mentoring up-and-coming YouTube personalities who are part of the Maker Studios family. Lisa, known as LisaNova on YouTube, has one of the most successful YouTube channels of all time (200 million videos views, 720,000+ subscribers). Through her YouTube channel she has inspired many to become content creators themselves, and is now helping to build new online talent through Maker Studios.

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