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Native America


New Orleans LA


Oh My Gracious

Native America is a creative outlet for Ross Farbe, a 20 year old songwriter from New Orleans. He spends countless hours in his bedroom, surrounded by an array of thrift store keyboards, craigslist-ed tape recorders, and whatever cobbled-together noisemakers he can get his hands on. An infatuation with physical space and natural reverb would then lead him to break into warehouses, campus parking garages, and abandoned spaces around the wilds of New Orleans, risking his spotless criminal record solely to lay down a few songs. Dancing About Architecture is the inevitable product of this process. Beautiful, reverberated, and springy, yet at times dissonant and exploratory, this collection of patchwork songs is the first Native America release and is available on Park The Van records. Native America is also a band. The first shows in early 2010 were Ross with a guitar and a banjo, but now the ship's crew has been completed by John St. Cyr (bass/vocals), Ray Micarelli (drums), and Kyle Hines (guitar/vocals). They set out on an ocean of fuzz, fending off sonic seamonsters with dreamy folk-pop songs.


Friday March 18



Mi Casa Cantina


503 E 6th St


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