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Detroit MI

Detroit based Hip-Hop artist and activist Invincible began penning lyrics at the age of nine, shortly after moving to the Midwest from the Middle East and learning English by memorizing her favorite songs. She started her own label and media company EMERGENCE and released her critically acclaimed debut album ShapeShifters in 2008. Her lyrics are deeply rooted in social justice work, reflected in a writing process that often involves community feedback, and interviews with community members. Waajeed is no stranger to those who know good music. After helping Slum Village get from dot to bang with J Dilla in the mid-'90s, he dropped cuts with Dwele and a series of classics on his label bling47. Then came PPP, a collaboration between Waajeed and Saadiq, with guests like Sa-Ra and Spacek, the Platinum Pied Pipers album brought a blend of Detroit soul, hip hop, house and rock to the table. He also has released the War LP and dozens of classic refixes and collaborations. He currently produces and DJs around the world, breaking the barriers of genre and innovating the art form. The two met in 1997 and began working together in 2003. Shortly after, Invincible appeared on PPP's debut album Triple P, and ever since they have collaborated on numerous projects. Their official collaboration as Invincible + Waajeed launched in June of 2010 with the release of the "Detroit Summer/Emergence" 7" limited edition vinyl. Their upcoming album and multimedia project will illuminate the connections between complex science, social movements, and Hip-Hop.


Friday March 18



Carver Museum Boyd Vance Theater

All Ages

1165 Angelina St


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