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Woe, Is Me


Atlanta GA

Emerging from the rubble of various local & signed bands Woe, Is Me builds itʼs self on an ever expanding experimental level of musicianship. Being signed before even their first show, and only weeks after being 'public' from Atlantaʼs local scene, these kids pack a powerful punch; easily seen behind theyʼre catchy choruses, and punchy break downs. Either it being 'Electronical' influences, or 'balls' full instrumentation the constant energy is never lacking amongst theyʼre tracks. New to the public ear Woe, Is Me sets fourth to record theyʼre album in May/June of 2010; Number[s] being the name of their anticipated LP, you can only be sure to expect nothing less from these power-house group of guys. 'I always had a thing for heavy/electronically driven music' Austin Thornton (Ex: drummer from Of Machines) explains. 'Thatʼs the basis that we built WIM around although itʼs only semi-represented in our current available tracks, our new material will truly highlight that 'metal/electrical' sound weʼve came to acquire over time, so Iʼd expect nothing less then a heavier/melodic side of us, for sure hah no joke! ' So keep and eye and ear out, only to be expecting new things around every corner!


Friday March 18



Emo's Annex

All Ages

600 Red River St


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