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Nico Stai


Los Angeles CA



Dead Pony

The Examiner Interview... Echo Park. Nico Stai, has the intensity of a tornado, the regal airs of a king, and the humility of a minstrel as he enters the café. Late night shows and keeping a vampire’s schedule lends to 1pm breakfasts. Nico has reached the tip of the Indie artist iceberg and is ready to break into mainstream. Appearing on Carson Daily last April (, playing The Fonda, Troubadour, Spaceland, and going into cut a few tracks with producer Rob Schnapf (Beck, The Vines, Elliot Smith), Stai leads a life most mainstream musician would kill for…a life filled with artistic freedom. So how did he do it? Tinpaco, Stai’s former band, “self imploded” before finishing a deal with Producer Garrett Lee (Snow Patrol) and London Records (Warner UK). “While you’re in it, you see failure all around, but in hindsight it afforded me the opportunity to do what I want to do.” Stai walked away with ownership of the masters and began his solo career. “I went home and picked up my acoustic and started doing what I always do…I view myself as an artist or a craftmaker…a guy who makes tables…but I get up in the morning, (laughs) or afternoon, and make songs.” He sips his coffee. “When I decided to go solo, I had to see what I had to say and that’s tough too. Your ego wants you to be this guy, talk about this, and whatever…but maybe whatever is coming out of you is not that guy, and its not talking about this, but it’s talking about sh*t that you don’t want people to know that you’re talking about, that’s the good stuff. “ When something “makes me feel really self-conscious…then I know I’m onto something good. It makes me feel really naked, like I don’t wanna tell my best friends about this…I don’t wanna write a song about it (and) that’s (exactly) what you should be doing.” What is in a name, like the one possessed by Nico Stai? Nico is an L.A. based musician and his new release, his 3rd in all, The Victory Of Miss Friday is his most decisive to date. The trappings of creating records has not affected Nico as it is apparent on his newest creation. The music is entrapping, grabbing your brain cells and lulling you into a beautiful stupor. Bob Dylan, you have company now ...., someone who can create a stunningly simple acoustic piece and reign in a legion of fans, but with consumer friendly smooth vocals. The music on The Victory Of Miss Friday has engaging rhythms like with in the track Scream," which has ensnaring vocals of the pleasant and hypnotic gesture along with driving acoustic rhythms and above all, horns. Any artist that incorporates horns into their music is my hero. The Skies Over Your Head offers something different, a strumming bass line behind the acoustic guitar with Nicos urging vocals lying overhead. Dead Pony was an advancement for Nico but this is the just deserts. Stunning acoustic movements with frantic moments here and there are Nicos calling card. Go check him out and make Nico Stai your next musical love. Check him out this March for his monday night residency at Spaceland. -Jeffrey Easton, The Deli Los Angeles Magazine

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Friday March 18



The Parish Underground


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