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Herencia de Timbiqui





Sargento Matacho

The band, Herencia de Timbiqui, is named after a town of the same name and it is formed by African decedents proud of their African roots and who have taken the responsibility of reviving the empirical knowledge from the Colombian pacific coast and fusion it with elements of contemporary urban music, in order to produce a global sound focused on the African roots of our coastline. Trajectory • 2003 Beginning • 2006 First place, free category: “Petronio Alvarez” Pacific Music Festival – Cali • 2007 Guest of honor, “Petronio Alvarez” Pacific Music Festival – Cali • 2008 Participants at “Colombia al Parque” Music Festival – Bogota • 2008 Closing night at the “India Catalina” Awards - Cartagena • 2009 International Night at “Petronio Alvarez: Pacific Music Festival – Cali • 2009 Marimba Festival: King of the Marimba, King of Bombo, King of Cununo, Best Vocal Performance, Best Group – Cali • 2009 Real Time Award: Best Group of the year • 2010 Fisrt Forum “Risk zone Shock”, Ministry of Culture & Shock Magazine • 2010 Launching of “Gran Concierto Nacional” - Bogota • 2010 Montreux Jazz Festival: “Fisrt Colombian group in the 44 years of the festival” – Mountreux, Switzerland.¿pero-la-musica/ • 2010 “Herencia in the classroom” Workshop – Pacific Music Workshop at the Mountreux Jazz Festival – Mountreux, Switzerland • 2010 Summer Events – Zurich, Switzerland. • 2010 “Sala Underground” – Barcelona, Spain • 2010 “Gran Concierto Nacional” – Cali • 2010 International Night at “Petronio Alvarez: Pacific Music Festival – Cali • 2010 “Ajazzgo” Jazz Festival – Cali • 2010 Meeting of Mayors of Colombia – Cali • 2010 “Festiafro” Music Festival – Medellin • 2010 “Bogota’s Chamber of Commerce” Business Conference – Bogota • 2010 Recording of “Music Voyager” a National Geographic Television Program – Cali • 2010 Herencia in the classroom” Workshop – Pacific Music Workshop at the Santiago de Cali’s Secretary of Culture – Cali • 2010 Closing of the Pacific’s Day in the framework of the “Feria de Cali”. - Cali


Friday March 18





217 Congress Ave


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