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Grand Pianoramax






“What can happen when a renowned pianist, in this case Montreux Jazz Festival International Piano Solo Competition winner Leo Tardin, gets together with a rock drummer, in this case Dominik Burkhalter and spends months of recording between Berlin (East) and Mumbai results in their latest release "Smooth Danger". Between hammering piano attacks à la early Einsturzende Neubauten / Diamanda Galas, Phuture Phunk and Grime, the two move as seamless as between rapid descents in the spirit of a pianistic Squarepusher surrounded by oppressive atmospheres.” - Sonic Seducer (Germany) Grand Pianoramax is primarily a keyboard-drums duo with various vocal guests including Black Cracker (Cocorosie, Bunny Rabbit), Mike Ladd and Invicible (PPP), blending a wide range of styles ranging from art-rock, future phunk, post-jazz and experimental hip-hop. Grand Pianoramax’s first CD, the self-titled “Grand Pianoramax” was released worldwide in 2005 by ObliqSound. The album generated more than 43,000 downloads via iTunes USA and top-notch reviews from both sides of the Atlantic. Grand Pianoramax’s second album, “The Biggest Piano In Town”, was released worldwide by ObliqSound in 2008, generating rave reviews and features in publications including BPM, XLR8R (USA) Metro, Time Out London, (UK) l’Uomo Vogue (IT). DJ Spinna’s remix of the album’s single “The Hook” was released on vinyl shortly after. Grand Pianoramax’s third album, “Smooth Danger”, was recorded and mixed between Mumbai, Berlin, Paris and Bristol (and masterised by Sahwn Joseph, collaborator of Portishead) and released in Europe in the fall 2010 and the US in the spring 2011, supported by release-tours on both continents. Various guests appear on the album, including Grand Pianoramax long-time collaborators Mike Ladd, Black Cracker and for the first time Karsh Kale on tabla.

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Friday March 18



Malaia Upstairs


300 E 6th St


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